Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT) Fee Structure 2021

Fee structure of all degree levels of this year has been announced in this site. Students who want to get fee list of Government University like Punjab University that kind of students click this link and get fees of all 8th semesters. Students who want to get fees of MS and PHD of this university that kind of students click this link and select their degree level. This is the one of the low rate of Fees University and best thing is that this university does not increase any amount in their tuition fee and this university announced all type of facilities for students who live In hostel. Some students think that old and new campus has different fee structure but this is wrong. This university announced that students who are in old campus and they are in department of software engineering that kind of students may 5000 RS extra fee because this field has too much expensive as compare to other fee. Students who do not want to get through regular category that kind of students can get admission in weekend program. Fees of weekend and private are mentioned in page. Some students who are too much rich and due to good performance of university they want they want to donate some amount that kind of students transfer some amount in bank account, account number and name are mentioned in site. Students who do not know about fees of regular program of first semester and they do not know admission processing fee that kind of students click this link and they can get file of fees from this site.

At the time of fee submission, mostly students faces some mistakes and some of the students face many problem that is they apply in multiple universities and at that time they pay fee of his university and after one day, they decide that they want to go in other university that kind of students do not ask about refund of their tuition fee. If they blame for tuition fee and they want to pressurize to admission committee that kind of students face problem of their registration.

Tuition Fee

This university announced that only process fee for admission and admission test is only 500.

Admission fee for admission that is charged in first semester is 10K.

Students who want to live in hostel that kind of students meet with hostel warden and then they discuss with them about admission.

Regular fee for morning session of BS degree is up to 22K.

Students who get admission in evening program due to low marks that kind of students pay 40K plus fee to admission office.

Some students who want to get admission in self support case that kind of students pay 70K fee in semester.

Students who are in 8th semester of BS degree and in this semester they submit fees of thesis and project that kind of students submit 2000 RS for project fee and 1800 RS for library clearance fee.

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