PUCIT Entry Test Syllabus 2021 Check Free Online

Test syllabus for all departments of Punjab University has been announced of this session. Students who are mentally red for this test but they just need some syllabus of their subjects that kind of students can check syllabus of their department.  Punjab university announced that students who want to apply for admission test that kind of students first read syllabus and then decide that they can pass this examination or not. Mostly students who are fresh and they do not know about syllabus that kind of students think that syllabus of matriculation and syllabus of intermediate are mix but this is wrong. Students who are belonging to normal family and they do not afford fees of different sectors who help all students for preparation that kind of students just download syllabus and they can easily revise their syllabus. Due to the virus, government of Pakistan announced that all syllabuses will be too short and now all syllabuses is not too much in large quantity but this university announced that students read all syllabus and then they can get 90 percent marks in this examination.

Now we discuss about syllabus. Students who do not have books of intermediate and matriculation and they want to get syllabus of all books that kind of students click this link and get proper file and in file all syllabus is mentioned. Those students who passed matriculation and intermediate examination with computer science subject and now they want to download syllabus that kind of students just read science subjects because in admission test, all questions will be related to about science subjects and English. List of faculty of computing and list of all departments are mentioned in page. If any student wants to get syllabus of any other degree like chemical engineering or civil engineering that kind of students click this link and get syllabus of these degrees.

How To Get Syllabus Online

First students selected university campus from the list.

Then they select department.

After that they click option of subjects.

If any student only wants to get syllabus of Physics or computer sciences then they just click and get syllabus.

Some students have a mind that questions will be conducted only in syllabus but they do not know some questions are also from out of syllabus.

Students remember that if they want to get extra questions like general knowledge that kind of students click this link and get syllabus.

Syllabus Of All Subjects

In this portion, we discuss syllabus of all subjects.

Subject of computer science is too much tough because some programming coding and errors are in this syllabus.

Students first read complete first year book of computer science. Mostly students read different model books and some of the students just read book of IT series that kind of all students download book that is approved by Punjab University.   

Only multiple choice questions are conducted in admission test.

Coding results and other information about window are also include in syllabus.

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