Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Fee Structure 2021

Fee structure for the session of 2021 has been uploaded to this site. Now students who are in the master degree level and they got admission in the previous days that kind of students are eligible and then they can get fee structure of this session. Some students who are not enrolled in this session but they want to get know that they can afford ort not. If any student who are from the poor family and they do not pay the fee at one time then they do not need to pay it on the other hand this university announced that all types of students can deposit the fee of one year first and then they can submit the second fee structure from this site.

Now students want to know that if they can get information about the fees of credit hours then how they can get it and if they want to pay it according to the credit hours then the amount of total is match or not. First is that this university uploaded the fee structure openly and every type of student can pay the fee at the valid time and they can also check it if they do not have registration number. Main point that is highlighted by the student is that why they do not pay the first semester fee or first year according to the credit hours of this degree level.

For the satisfaction of students, they can get the credit hours information and they can also calculate the data according to this semester credit hours. Now students who want to check the fee structure and now they want to know that if they can do BSC degree then they can submit the fee at the time of first year or first semester. This is online and this university announced that all types of degree level is announced on the yearly system and students who know that this university also announced the admission of courses like short courses then they need to get fee details of all types of categories.

One thing is that all students who are from the degree of MSC but in the MSC different subjects are enrolled in this session and if any student who blame that they do MSC in computer and they pay extra two thousand amounts as compare to the MSC in Math subjects that kind of students do not compare their degree level on the base of fee structure.

Last is that if any student who pay the IT fee in the first year of this session and after that they want to get the help from the IT sector then they do not pay it more and they do not pay when they left the university due to any reason.

Students who do only short course like typing and computer diploma and they want fee details then they can use this site and they can get it but they are not able for library fund.

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