AIOU Books Dispatch Autumn 2021 Check Online

Complete process and complete information is available in this page. if student is new in this process and they want to get books from this university for the first semester of BS degree level and they do not know that how this is possible in practical life that kind of students follow page and then they can do it after reading whole process. Before that if they have complete ID of university and they also have access of portal then they can get through this page and attractive thing is that they can do everything on their home and they do not need any other help expect to this site.

Now we start process and in this page we can learn how they can apply for these books on the other hand they also want to learn that if they have more time then how they can get books from online process of this portal. This is first thing that this university introduces for students of this session. Now first we understand policy and then they can get books. First is that it is too much important that students can get the books on one condition that they must have admission in this session and if we take example from real life and then students can understand more  easy.

Mostly students who are not from this university and they think that if they can read books of this university then they can get more best marks of any other university but admission committee announced that students who want to get it then they pay charges of books and they can also pay charges of delivery. If any student who are supply holder and they do not want to get whole syllabus book and they need only one book that kind of students are eligible and they can do it. Policy is that first they apply for admission and when they get merit list and they have name in merit list then this university send prospectus to their home.

How Students Apply For Books Of Current Semester

Mostly students think that this is minor thing but they do not know that in this book there is one form and important information about books. When they see form they are too much worried because they do not know how many books are valid and how they can understand that which books has best content. Students just see the prospectus and then they can find out their degree level and department.

In prospectus, subject name, degree name and their first semester subjects are mentioned. They just note down course code and then they can submit the form to the mentioned address.

If they think that they can suggest best book name for this course and they want to write it on this form then they are not eligible on the other hand if they want to get this book then they can do it through any other source.

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