AIOU Assignment Marks Autumn 2021 Check Online

Assignments marks are uploaded for this session to the official site of AIOU. This site announced the marks of assignments for degree of intermediate and BSC. Students who just want to get diploma or course certificate that kind of students do not have any assignment. Now students want to know that what is main impact for the assignment on the result of this year and they also want to know that if any teacher do not give bets marks in assignments then they can recheck the assignment or they can again upload the assignment to the other teacher.

As compare to other institutes that is private and sector and who announced assignments they just complete the formality and they do not check properly on the other hand if any student who do not upload the assignments then they can also get good marks because in other sector there is no other proper rule for students.  Now students want to know that can they check the marks of this session that kind of students are eligible but before that they enter the information in portal.

If we talk about the uploading the assignments then students can write the assignments in the pages and then more than two or three groups do photocopy for this assignment and then they upload on the portal that kind of students can face many problems when they caught by teacher. Some of students who are like and they know that when they study well then, they already get good marks that kind of students can also visit the teacher home and then they can official submit the assignments due to good impression.

If any student who think that they do not understand the assignment of this session and they think that if they can share the assignment to the teacher and then they can get more ideas from teachers that kind of students are eligible and they can do this through this page. Address and further details are mentioned in this page.

How Students Can Check Marks

There are two possibilities at that stage. One is that they can get the result of their marks at the time of first session of the year and second is that they can check at the end of the two years. If they can check in first time they can realize that how teacher strictly act to that thing and if any student who check in second option then they do not change the marks because it will be final at that time.

Some students who are ready for checking assignments of all subjects then they can click link and then they can get result of this session. Students who are repeaters of any other subjects or they do not have any assignment at that time then they can contact to the university and then they can solve the problem.

If students want to extend the date of assignments then it is valid not impossible.

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